SCM player skins Every diamond reflects a poetry.

Every diamond reflects a poetry.

So this is me.
My name's Ilaria and I'm 16 years old.
I come from Italy, a beautiful country rich of history and art.
Infact I grew up with art and I like it since I was a little chubby child!
My first and also biggest passion is the 7th art in general. I'm in love with acting and giving to people the opportunity of living in a new world even if for the short time of a show.
As you can imagine, my aspiration in life is becoming an actress.
I'm kinda strange: I like motocross, tatooes (I have one), and obviously music.
I listen to Lana Del Rey, Marina&The Diamonds, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Coldplay, Bastille, secondly many others.
I'm a dreamer and dreamers do it big so..
Come and see what is like to be in my crazy mind!
Hope you enjoy.